6 ways to prevent acid erosion of your teeth

Posted by JazGulati on August 20, 2016

Here are tips to reduce the effect of acid wearing away your teeth:

  1. Drink acidic drinks through a straw – this way you will bypass all your teeth and reduce the harmfulness of the acids.
  2. Drink them cold. Cooler temperatures reduce the harmful effect of the acid wearing away your teeth – it’s basic chemistry, as you reduce the temperature of a reaction, the reaction speed decreases.
  3. Eat cheese after acidic food and drink. Cheese helps to neutralise (or balance out) the acid. However, cheese itself is high in fat so enjoy this in moderation (and this tip is more for children).
  4. Brush 60 minutes after an acid attack with a fluoride toothpaste. Don’t brush straight after, because your enamel will be ‘soft’ from the acid attack and you may end up accelerating the wearing away of your teeth.
  5. Have a glass of water. It will help neutralise the acid.
  6. Chew sugar free chewing gum. This will increase your saliva production which will neutralise the acid.

If the source of the acid is from gastric reflux (heart burn, indigestion) then a lot of the above tips apply to you. The most significant piece of advice for those with acid reflux is to see your Doctor/GP about this, as it is harmful to your teeth and body.