Advice on filling in your diet diary

Posted by JazGulati on August 20, 2016

A diet diary is a useful tool to learn more about your dietary patterns. You can share the diet diary with your Dentist to spark a meaningful discussion about your diet to help reduce your experience of tooth decay and acid erosion.

When filling in your diet diary, it is really important to be:

– Truthful – don’t be tempted to change your eating and drinking habits just because you are being recorded. Your Dentist will not be able to help you otherwise.

– Detailed – if you’re having a sandwich, you need to write down the lettuce, tomato, bread, filling, and anything else in or with the sandwich. Otherwise, we might miss the source of the problem. This includes sugar in your coffee, and ketchup with your fries!

– Accurate – you need to log the accurate times, including for snacks, as this information is crucial to the dentist in counting your sugar attacks in a day.

Following these 3 rules, the dietary analysis is an invaluable tool to fight dental disease.

Dental disease, such as tooth decay, is linked with sugary food and drink, which in itself is also linked to diabetes and obesity. Therefore, the improvement in diet also helps your general health.