Enjoy chocolate without ruining your teeth

Posted by JazGulati on August 20, 2016

Good news for chocolate lovers! You won’t have to give up chocolates to prevent dental decay. By following some simple tips, you can enjoy your favourite sugary treats in a way that reduces your experience of dental decay:

  • If every time you eat or drink anything sugary at one sitting, this counts as one ‘sugar attack’. Try and limit the number of sugar attacks in a day to no more than 4 times.
  • Enjoy chocolates/sugary treats WITH your main meals, and NOT as snacks. This will dramatically reduce the number of sugar attacks in a day.
  • Remember, if you have a square of a chocolate bar, or the entire bar itself in one sitting, it counts as only one sugar attack. However, if you have one square of chocolate, and another in 30 minutes, you have just had 2 sugar attacks (and only 2 squares!) Everything in moderation, but in terms of preventing dental decay, it is better to eat all your sweets in one go than to spread them throughout the day!
  • For snacks between meals, avoid having your sugary treats. Stick to water and whole foods (unrefined, unprocessed foods).
  • After a sugar attack, chewing sugar free chewing gum will help to neutralise the acids created by the bacteria that is responsible for tooth decay.
  • Good oral hygiene and visiting your Dentist is very important.