Where can I download the App?

FoodForTeeth is currently available on iOS from the App Store.

Who is the app designed for?

It is for the benefit of anyone with dental decay or dental erosion. It is a tool that Dentists can use to prescribe to their patients as a dietary investigation.

It is for anyone who wishes to make lifestyle changes in their diet and wants to learn how to reduce their risk of dental disease.

Is FoodForTeeth available for Android?

It is currently not available for Android. If you are an Android programmer and want to help us program, please do get in touch!

Is the App suitable for children?

Yes, children can use the App with assistance from parents. Diet diaries can be fun for children, especially as they can take pictures of their food. The diet diary can then be discussed with your dentist to get dietary advice where appropriate to reduce your child’s risk of dental disease.

Is the app NHS approved?

The NHS Health Apps Library has unfortunately closed down after NHS approved Apps were found to leak user data.

We are confident that once this initiative returns that we would receive NHS endorsement. Until then, we can reassure you that we do not share any user data.

How do you fill in the diet diary on FFT?

You can either put text entries in, or you can take photos if you’re in a rush. Text entries are usually more detailed as it is not always obvious from a photo about the ingredients e.g. whether there is sugar in a coffee or not, or ketchup in a burger.