Why Athletes get dental disease

Posted by JazGulati on August 20, 2016

One of the problems that Dentists commonly diagnose in athletes and gym-goers is the acid breakdown that has affected their teeth. This is usually due to regular consumption of acidic and sugary sports/energy drinks throughout the day.

Drinking fruit smoothies has also seen a rise as a good way to get our 5-a-day, but the highly acidic nature means it counts as a strong acid attack to our teeth.

A commonly held belief among some health-conscious people is to eat 6-8 smaller meals a day, as opposed to three square meals. The grazing of foods throughout the day introduces multiple potential sugar and acid attacks to our teeth which can be harmful.

Help to identify sources of food and drink in your diet that could be increasing your risk of dental disease by filling in a diet diary. Your dentist can discuss this with you to make a personalised plan. Be sure to follow our top tips to prevent acid erosion, too!